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Geology is not a real science!

Hi guys. Those of you who follow me for longer maybe noticed, that I’ve tried to build my own website. But it was not online for a long time because I got messages like: “your website isn’t that good…” and so on. And maybe they were right. I’ve never studied or learned things like design or graphic. For those who don’t know me personally: I’m actually a geologist. Yeah, right. Stones and so on. I know. Sheldon Cooper ones said:“Geology is not a real science!”. Well, maybe he’s right… but stones are fascinating in such a wonderful way to me… Mountains, rough nature, wideness. That’s the things I live for. The things which keep me alive.

But back to my new website. A couple of weeks ago, someone asks me if I’m interested in a real website. He would design it for me and would support me in everything concerning this new website. I have just to say “Yes” and he would do the rest. His name isĀ  @elianvancutsem.

I’m deeply grateful for your help Elian! It means a lot to me, what you are doing here.

And I really like what he created. It is a very uncomplicated way how we work together. But my first doubt was like: can we manage this despite the local distance (he’s from Belgium and I’m from Germany)….but yes, we can… we did actually. And I’m so happy with the result and I’m curious about how it will work further.

How do you like the new style and themes? Feel free to comment below, I really want to hear your opinion.


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  1. Elian Van Cutsem 12. March 2018

    Hey Caro!

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to work with you. I really liked it. From the moment we started I had the feeling you really appreciated my work. Thanks!

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