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Lost in the Scottish Highlands

Glenfinnian Viaduct also known as Harry Potter bridge for the Hogwarts Express.

Three weeks in the Scottish Highlands gave us a time full of adventures and exploring. We fell in love with this country and want to come back soon.
Welcome to my first blog post. In June 2017, it was the first time that we visited Great Britan to explore nature and lifestyle in the north of this rough island. We took a flight to Edinburgh, rent a car there and after 5 days in this beautiful historic city, we travel to the Highlands.
And then we notice that this country was exactly like what we did expect. Full of wild nature and in every corner of this beautiful landscape rises a castle or ruin.
In the Highlands, it seems like you are alone out there. Almost lost. But in a wonderful way. Just nature, animals and your soul wandering along the mountain ranges. We were looking for trails very distant from villages. Locations where you can free your soul and mind.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh. - Scottish Highlands

Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

In the Highlands. - Scottish Highlands

In the Highlands.

Bagpiper, Edinburgh. - Scottish Highlands

Bagpiper, Edinburgh.

Kilchurn castle. Loch Awe. - Scottish Highlands

Kilchurn castle. Loch Awe.

Holyroodpark, Edinburgh. - Scottish Highlands

Holyroodpark, Edinburgh.

Scottish thistle. The national emblem of Scotland. - Scottish Highlands

Scottish thistle. The national emblem of Scotland.

Dalwhinnie Distillery. The Highlands. Best Whisky ever! - Scottish Highlands

Dalwhinnie Distillery. The Highlands. Best Whisky ever!

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