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Please go offline…

In the social media society of this century, it is really difficult to do something offline; without your smartphone, tablet or laptop. I notice it becomes more often that people are always ‘online’, starring at their smartphone sending some messages or just playing these weird colourful games.

Lately, I saw a family in a restaurant with two children. One child (the younger one!) was so busy to win such a game, that she didn’t notice that her parents and her older sister already began to eat and talked a lot about the day…It was such a terrifying moment for me.

‘OFFLINE’ – enamel mug by @retropot

Since almost five years, when social media started slowly to getting important for us, we decided to lay our smartphones aside. They have nothing to do on the table while we’re eating or just sitting there to tell us things we did on that day. And it is really liberating for us. We’ll never change this habit.

But even more important is to really go outside, enjoy nature together, wander around and get lost in beautiful landscapes and places.

‘NOW’ – enamel mug by @retropot

And so we did the weekend ago: We wandered around through a forest and found a cosy little hut. We collected some moss and build us a little table. The result was a wonderful outdoor-livingroom. We enjoyed time together and drunk one or two coffees. We did nothing more but stayed in the moment. It was just nature, coffee and us.

This is what we love to do: To go offline. To live the real life.  It is very important to remeber this. You just have one life.

So LIVE it!


A great reminder for this are the enamel mugs by @retropot. I totally fell in love with them and take them everywhere I go: For a hike in nature or just for a coffee at the office.

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