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Wandering with eyewake.

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Who else is familiar with this situation: Standing up very early in the morning (3:00 AM) to wander on the top of the mountains before the sun will rise. Waiting. Drinking a coffee or two. And then: the sunrise with all its beautiful colours in the sky. Staying in this moment. Enjoy. Have breakfast and continue wandering around through nature. In the evening you are very tired. But never mind. It was such a wonderful moment in the morning, that it was totally worth it. And next day – the same again.

When we are on a roadtrip, I always carry eyewake with me –  instead of makeup.

On the road, there is no space or time for comfortable sleep or even makeup. I use eyewake every morning and evening and guess what: my dark circles around the eyes and the crow’s feet are almost completely gone since then.

You have to imagine a gel, the texture is like aloe vera in its pure way. No smell, no perfume, just natural ingredients and perfect eyes. I love it and don’t wanna miss it anymore. Thanks, eyewake for letting me look younger and awake every day.

wandering with eyewake

wandering with eyewake

wandering with eyewake

wandering with eyewake

wandering with eyewake

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